ClearTerra License Server


ClearTerra uses the Reprise License Manager (RLM) from Reprise Software to provide the software licensing capabilities included in all our software products. RLM was chosen because of the flexibility and transparency offered to the end-user, our customers. As an RLM end-user, you are free to configure and manage RLM in the best way for your organization. The latest version of the RLM End-User Manual is always on-line and can be saved locally as needed.

License Server

Concurrent-use (floating) licenses require a license server to be running and accessible in order to manage the software licenses. The complete license server consists of only three parts:

  1. The generic server, called rlm or rlm.exe, provided by Reprise Software
  2. The ClearTerra-specific server settings, called clearterra.set, provided by ClearTerra
  3. The license file(s), called <name>.lic, provided by ClearTerra


The generic server, rlm, is available for many platforms including Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac OS®, Unix, and Linux. ClearTerra only provides the rlm.exe for the Microsoft Windows platform. The latest version of rlm (and related utilities) for all platforms is always available from Reprise Software as an End-User Bundle.


The recommended method of installing the license server is to put all three components ( rlm or rlm.exe, clearterra.set, and <name>.lic) in the same directory. Each platform will have specific methods for ensuring the rlm server starts when the machine boots-up. See the RLM End-User Manual for reference.

  • Microsoft Windows: This downloadable setup.exe file can be used for general installations, but may not work correctly with other RLM installations. The rlm.exe and clearterra.set files, also available for download, can be installed manually as needed. Refer to the RLM End-User Manual for recommendations and examples. If there are multiple software products using RLM on this machine, please see the Multiple Vendors section below.
  • Apple Mac OS, Unix, and Linux: The End-User Bundle for the platform must be downloaded from Reprise Sofware. Refer to the RLM End-User Manual for recommendations and examples on how to install the generic server rlm. The ClearTerra-provided server file, clearterra.set, must be properly installed. Please see the Multiple Vendors section below if more than one software product on this machine is using RLM.
  • Multiple Vendors: RLM is designed to efficiently support multiple different software vendors simultaneously. Please see the Reprise Software Blog entry: Managing Multiple-ISV installations. This blog entry shows the two basic configuration methods and explains the pros and cons of each.


The generic license server, rlm, comes with an embedded web server which provides the interface for managing itself. Once rlm is running, the management interface is available on port 5054 by default. If rlm has been custom configured, the web interface may be on a different port, or not running. To access the default configuration, just point a browser to: http://<Server Name>:5054. If this machine has rlm running in the default configuration, this link should work:


If you have a current support agreement with ClearTerra, please contact us for help. If we do not know the answer immediately, we can contact Reprise Software for you, or you can contact them yourself.