FindFZ software provides enhanced searching of attributes in ArcGIS – whole word, fuzzy, wildcard, and boolean – all from one simple interface

FindFZ Features

Integrated Search

Combines three core types of search capabilities in one simple interface: Fuzzy, Wildcard, and Boolean

Whole Word Search

Perform searches for whole words or whole phrases

Fast, Easy, Flexible

Simple, clean interface suitable for a basic user and capable of highly complex searches for even the most advanced user

Quick Query

Includes Quick Query tool for rapidly generating layer queries & selections for powerful, fast visualizations

Fuzzy Search

Control fuzzy search up to 30% error level

Wildcard Search

Use wildcard characters to create word or phrase search patterns

Boolean Search

Combine multiple search terms using Boolean And, Or, and Not

Constrain Search

Fully control the layers and fields searched and optionally restrict the searching geographic extent

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LocateXT Product Comparison
Platforms LocateXT LocateXT Lite LocateXT for ArcGIS Online LocateXT ArcGIS for Server Tool LocateXT API
Google Earth      
ArcGIS Earth      
ArcGIS for Desktop     *  
ArcGIS Online/Portal for ArcGIS      
ArcGIS for Server        
Web Mapping Applications / Geoprocessing Widgets       *  
Windows platform integration, custom system        
Operates fully disconnected    
Extraction Capabilities
Custom place names
Other Information (Pre_Text, Post_Text)
Invalid coordinate logging    
Custom Attributes (keyword search, extraction controls)
Flexible Import Utility for structured data    
Data Output Capabilities
Feature Class (SDE, File, or Personal geodatabase)      
Feature Service (ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS)      
Upload supported documents as ArcGIS Online items      
Comma Separated Value (CSV) Text        
User Interfaces
LocateXT Application    
LocateXT Windows Explorer Quick Menu    
ArcMap Extension        
ArcGIS for Desktop toolbox tool (ModelBuilder support)      
LocateXT Drop Window in ArcMap (for drag & drop)        
Single Use Licenses    
Concurrent Use Licenses