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LocateXT Features

Product specific features

Structured Data

Flexible import utility for structured data (spreadsheets, delimited text)

Geospatial Formats

Geodatabase, feature class, feature service, shapefile, KML

ArcGIS Integration

Includes ArcMap extension and geoprocessing toolbox tool for use in Esri ModelBuilder for custom geoprocessing or automated workflows

Drag & Drop

Instant drag & drop workflows from web browsers, email, files/folders, and Microsoft Office documents

Custom Extraction

Extract information or tag features, based on keywords within the source document or near a location

Portal for ArcGIS

Publish feature service outputs directly to Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online. Source documents can be stored in portal and linked from feature service.

Disconnected Operation

Operates fully disconnected – does not require a server or service for extraction

Flexible Licensing

Single use or Concurrent (Floating) licensing available to meet user needs

LocateXT Features

Product line core features

Discover & Extract

Discovers & extracts geocoordinates, user-defined place names, image geotags, dates, and other critical information from unstructured data

Unstructured Data

Supports all Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Adobe PDF, XML, HTML, Text and more, including social media text

Coordinate Formats

Identifies and extracts thousands of variations of geocoordinate formats: DD, DM, DMS, UTM, and MGRS

Place Name Extraction

Configure place name extraction using geospatial layers or gazetteer files

Location Context

Textual content prior to and after extracted location (Pre-Text and Post-Text) included in outputs providing critical context

Geospatial Layers

Create geospatial layers from extracted locations on the Desktop, Server, or Cloud

Custom Extraction

Create custom extracted attributes by configuring keyword search and extraction controls


Different products and licensing levels to meet user needs

LocateXT Platforms

ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS Earth

Google Earth


Portal for ArcGIS Online

Other GIS Viewers

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LocateXT Product Comparison
Platforms LocateXT LocateXT Lite LocateXT for ArcGIS Online LocateXT ArcGIS for Server Tool LocateXT API
Google Earth      
ArcGIS Earth      
ArcGIS for Desktop     *  
ArcGIS Online/Portal for ArcGIS      
ArcGIS for Server        
Web Mapping Applications / Geoprocessing Widgets       *  
Windows platform integration, custom system        
Operates fully disconnected    
Extraction Capabilities
Custom place names
Other Information (Pre_Text, Post_Text)
Invalid coordinate logging    
Custom Attributes (keyword search, extraction controls)
Flexible Import Utility for structured data    
Data Output Capabilities
Feature Class (SDE, File, or Personal geodatabase)      
Feature Service (ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS)      
Upload supported documents as ArcGIS Online items      
Comma Separated Value (CSV) Text        
User Interfaces
LocateXT Application    
LocateXT Windows Explorer Quick Menu    
ArcMap Extension        
ArcGIS for Desktop toolbox tool (ModelBuilder support)      
LocateXT Drop Window in ArcMap (for drag & drop)        
Single Use Licenses    
Concurrent Use Licenses